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Vargas Robustitos

Vargas Robustitos

After a long break I got again to get it for you from the Canary Islands. This time to the mark Vargas originating in the island of La Palma. The initial impetus gave the manufacture of cigars Manuel Vargas already in 1925, during the turn of the Millennium mark slightly uvadala new owner of  ., which brand owns the last few years, again trying to prop up the lost glory and quality. At least according to the information, that are available on the website of the brand.

The cover sheet has a light shade of Connecticut  , that is supposed to have originated in Ecuador. Closer to the composition of the filling and slinging tobacco could not be traced to me, on the Web, but you can read about how to use tobacco of the Canarian archipelago, also known as. "tabaco" Palmero, the tones are noticeable and significant in the cigar bar Capricho. The size of a cigar, is characterised by robustu, as the name itself suggests, 101mm   in length with a ring size 50.

Before lighting a cigar for me has been operating a similar impression as Cuban Crafters, What shade and fragrance for. The aroma is symptomatic of Sen, slightly grassy with hard-hitting tones with horsehair. Ignition took place very easily, I used a lighter, but it should not make a problem even using matches. After lighting the cigar Burns fairly evenly, characteristic are the two folders – marzipan and taste similar to a lot of kouřené whiskey. The flavor gradually softens slightly, but all the time acting profile as well, up to half of the added light skin tones. Ash is consistent, split or fraying,, but unfortunately it doesn't last too long. Ash properties are comparable as already reviewed La Rica Hojo. The only thing, You can mark it as bad or worse is a burning cigar in the last third of the, ever had a tendency to turn the.

Cigars are imported into the Czech Republic by Smoke, where can you purchase at a price of robusto specifically 110kč.   If I'm comparing myself with the other Canary cigars, I'd recommend from his experience rather than shortfillery these cigars of different brands, I have been almost nekoupitelné. I Suppose, even on the Islands are unfortunately more accessible shortfillery. By contrast, in comparison with other cigars in the Czech Republic I think, the quality surpasses the already mentioned Cuban Crafters cigars or more commercially driven by brand. On the other hand, compared to CAO cigars brands, Brickhouse or Rocky Patel a little lag, not the design but rather with its richness of flavors.

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