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Cuban Crafters Cameroon Robusto

Cuban Crafters Cameroon Robusto

Although the tag name into the subconscious mind slips below its neighbor Crafters Cuban Cuban cigar manufacturer, regards the cigars produced in the Nikaragujském city of Esteli to check. The size of a cigar, five inches in length and a ring 52 falls within the class of robusto. The cover sheet is a type of cameroon, Similarly, such as. for cigar La Aurora Cameroon Robosto.

After the unpacking of the check celovánu, check in which cigars are supplied, you with an interesting dřevnatým aroma with tones or horsehair. The surface of the cigar has small blemishes, in particular, at the foot of, the show even after the ignition. Structural weaknesses are better seen from the check in the attached photos. As I perceive the negative and different color "caps" the conclusion of the shoulder. After the ignition produces white smoke cigar and pleasantly surprised compact off-white of the ashes.

Unfortunately, during the second third of the slightly napraskl cover sheet, which he met here, for example,. u Don Pepin Garcia “Serie JJ”, that was otherwise completely designed in order. Due to the ideal conditions in the humidoru and the perfect fit of the other cigars, I believe, that had to go on the defective piece or the result of transport between vendors. The strength of the cigar is medium, the burn is uniform and smoking a cigar during the matter/antimatter. After all this time is a balanced taste, operating dřevnatě, places with the sweet tones, Although the flavour less significant, very good with or reconciled a coffee, I was drinking while smoking.

Nicaraguan cigars Cuban Crafters Cameroon Robusto offers approximately 35 minutes of smoking and on the Czech market at around 180 CZK, which is the price comparable e.g.. check with the same dimension from Mark cigars La Aurora. Unfortunately, I have to say, that for this price, I'd buy again a cigar. On the other hand, given the very positive reviews or foreign colleagues, I believe, I have had bad luck on the wrong piece. Positive feedback from abroad, however, can be caused by even far lower price, on the US market, these cigars can be purchased to 4 $, that would be a cigar match.

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