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Cigars - Manuals

Cigars and their size

A recent discussion on the dýmkařském Forum přimněla me a little zabádat in the shapes and dimensions of cigars. These discussions concerned his, How should correctly indicate…
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Ivo Dvořák: Sommelierský servicing cigars

A few days ago I came across a very interesting on youtube video, that would be a shame, with anyone. This is a record from the demos…
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Humidor from fine

If you run into a situation, When you do a normal přetane humidor, you have several options for how to resolve the situation. One option is to reduce shop cigars or part…
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Construction of cigars

Cigar is composed of four main parts, which are the: the shoulder, title, pata and the body of the cigar. All the cigars, that one on your Web site with us, they have an open…
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Humidors, humidifiers and hygrometers

For the ideal condition of cigars is very important moisture. Each smoker of cigars should recognize, that is not a thing of the humidor, which shall be paid to conserve and…
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