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Construction of cigars

Cigar is composed of four main parts, which are the: the shoulder, title, pata and the body of the cigar. All the cigars, that one on your Web site with us, they have an open heel and closed head (i.e.. cigars, that is before the smoking need to crop). Before the end of the head is located in the "ring" in which you can specify the manufacturer – or even a series of. The closed part of the cigar always crop ořezávačem.
More on the construction of the cigar is evident from the picture, which is attached at the end of the article.

Vrstvy tabáku v doutníku Layers of tobacco
After basic familiarity with a cigar, It is the turn of tasting more interesting part of the. This is the tobacco and its individual layers. Cigar has three main layers of tobacco – feeding tobacco(filler), the binding sheets(binder) and cover sheets(wrapper).


The binding list – from the perspective of the consumption of this layer specifies the stroke cigar (strength tightening) and partly the ability to keep the ashes.

The cover sheet -Specifies the color of a cigar and taste of the cigar. (The color of a cigar are described in a separate chapter)

Feeding tobacco – the most frequently occurring with a resolution on shortfiller and longfiller, in fact, there are still mixed and fillery sandwich. These parameters determine – whether they are sheets, from which this "layer" of crushed, short or long. It is not the truth, This layer specifies the, whether it is dry or wet cigar, How can you get mistaken for somewhere. This component of the tobacco affects the strength of the cigar.

  • Long filler -to create the inner layers of the tobacco are used only long leaf, These leaves are sometimes combined from several different varieties of tobaccos, so a manufacturer to achieve the required taste and quality. In the case of, smoking cigars with the pramium, so it is almost always about longfiller. Leaves longfilleru passes through the whole of the cigar, Thus, when cigar smoking heat whole and better combustion characteristics.
  • Short filler -opposite longfiller, small pieces of tobacco and sometimes chopped straw. These parts of the tobacco may be the remains of the longfillerů, or only after production of the worse kind of tobacco specially hashed for shortfillery, because it would be impossible to create a high-quality longfilleru.
  • Mixed filler -combination of shortfilleru and longfilleru, part of the leaves are longer, but not these cigars called full longfillery.
  • CHECKSandwich filler – or also a Cuban sandwich, should be cigars which is shortfillerový in long sheets packed tobacco packing tobacco. Sometimes it is possible to meet also with the view, are cigars which is at the head of a cigar in the fill used long sheets, so that the pieces of neodlepovali on the lips of a smoker.

Each layer of a cigar may be from only one variety of tobacco or the country, normally we meet with cigars, which are from several species of tobaccos, which comes from the different countries. In the case of, you want to enjoy a cigar, I recommend smoking premium cigars with tobacco longfillerovým.

Construction of the cigar

Konstrukce doutníků

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