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Vargas Capricho

Vargas Capricho

After review, the Canary cigars La Rica Hojo We bring another review of cigars from this European archipelago. Přestože doutníky pochází také z Kanárských ostrovů a v ČR jsou k dostání u stejného distributora, pochází z dílny společnosti Vargas, která se jmenuje podle původního zakladatele této značky. The format of these cigars and cigarillo is therefore not much myself farther. Cigars are sold in bundles or bundlech. Due to the small size and the promotion mainly as cigars for daily smoking are not even provided with a ring.

Construction of the cigar is solid, the cover sheet is smooth and rounded, is a small tail, that is compared to the ocáskům cigars, Trinidad zatočen to the tip of the little ashes are sure., the ability of holding is proportional to the size of the, as well as the production of smoke and stroke. Taste profile similar to the one already u zmíňeného LRH, to confess, other flavors I'm here not looking for. I just put the coffee and lit this Canary cigarillo,check for this purpose was a cigar the ideal. The taste was slightly grassy, but not so much penetrating as e.g.. tag Zino cigars.

If I would compare cigar flavour and power, the center of the, balanced and adequate price. In comparison with other cigars in this price range is a good product, at least me certainly fit the more than slightly more expensive size corona. 25 these cigars will work overall 1100 CZK, Thus 44Kč per piece. For lovers of broad smoking of cigars in the a similar session as Tuscan cigars, but with lighter taste and power.

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