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La Rica Hojo Robusto

La Rica Hoja Robusto

Cigars La Rica Hojo originates from the Canary Islands. Regards mark, which is imported by the retailer and the cigars are manufactured not only in the traditional manner by hand, but for the smaller size and the machine. Doutníky značky La Rica Hoja jsou výrobkem Compania de Tabacos de La Palama, kterou vlastní Miguel Perez Gonzales, vnuk kubánského přistěhovalce a zakladatele manufaktury.

138mm long robusto with a ring size. 46 from the mentioned marks are produced manually from a variety or blend of tobaccos: as the contents are used according to the manufacturer the leaves from Cuba, Brazil and Dominican Santo Domingo (Piloto Cubano), binding worksheet comes from Indonesia, and finally a wrapper from Ecuador is the variety of Connecticut.

Ring stands out for the simplicity of a cigar, as, for example, Padron or Montecristo. Light brown wrapper is in addition to the not-so-smooth and aligned the foot cannot be designed cigar reproach. The binding list is not too tight and make it move smoothly after cropping his cigar. Before his lighting is well identifiable tobacco aroma with dřevnatými tones.

After ignition of the me pleasantly surprised a cigar lighter ash, that could have a better consistency, However, during the smoking game only twice, the third part remained at the dog-end. Initially, the burning is smooth and uniform, during the second third of the evenness of slightly worse. Subsequently,, during the third period, cigar began slightly off, but after his restoration to the ignition was completely until the end of.

The strength of the cigar is medium and taste is Woody, with the subtle tones of almonds. The intensity of taste is initially, just after ignition, less pronounced, subsequently increases and remains almost constant until the end. In conclusion, it is possible, in the already mentioned mix of flavours, recognize also the delicate nahořklost.

Cigars are very good in the Czech Republic available and their price is approximately 100 USD per piece, (It is dependent on the quantity of objednaném). In this price range deliver an especially smokers, who are accustomed to smoking cigars a day. If you would be interested in the availability of these cigars, are available in the eShop with Canary cigars

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