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Te-Amo Vintage Anniversario 99

Doutníky Te-Amo Vintage Anniversario 99

One of the leading Mexican companies or producing cigars is Te-Amo, the first contact with a tag I had in the last doutníkovém evening, that was thematically focused just on the Mexican cigars. Cigars brands Te-Amo and Santa Clara, that were part of the entry, I brought the first experience with or Mexican cigars, I have left out.

This cigar, I chose an interesting shape, thanks mainly to the Petit Perfect and the annual series. The structure before lighting is good, are not fragile impression, more like a little hard up doesn't hurt me in spite of the good zavlhčení. Ignition passed without problems, Unfortunately, ash odpadává for my taste fairly quickly. Its taste is dry and very intense tobacco impression. The stroke was smooth, as well as the burning of – both pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, in the last third or begins to overheat and I also don't fit the taste of the cigar and discard. Smoking all the time I was about to 40 minutes, Unfortunately, I didn't measure. Attention must be drawn to the aroma of smoke, that was very specific and quite aggressive. In view of this, I'd be this cigar not recommend smoking in the presence of non-smokers – at least then the closed room.

According to the other reviews and feedback, I was in the check point holding ashes are most likely out of luck on the wrong piece, Despite this fact, I'd prefer next time choose size from the Divinos Cuban similar tags Cuaba (+-150CZK) or Arturo Fuente Short Story (+-5 dollars), mainly due to the taste, that was me personally more and price/performance ratio. In the check case of greed for the cigar bar or from Mexico I tried one of the next series of Te-Amo World Selection or tag Santa Clara and and. Turrent.

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