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Cigar night at the Golf Club Hostivař

Golf clubu Hostivař

The third meeting of supporters of cigars in a quiet environment of the Golf Club was, as in the previous cases, or, very relaxing. I have to mention, that was in no way sure about meeting golfers and avizovaný “fuck off” In conclusion, the evening or just for testing. Although the price of (a bottle of cognac) for bringing the ball to the green 9. Wells eventually no one did not, sure he hit on overall, a relaxed atmosphere and almost everybody tried it.

The most interesting throughout the evening for me was the lecture and slide show about his visit to George Vlasák Mexico, in particular, the factory, the Alberta Turenta and Santa Clara in the Los Tuxtlas-San Andrés.

Outside the eye-catching story with photos about the process of the production of cigars, Jirka Vlasák also spoke on local customs and interesting details connected with or growing, processing and sales of tobacco, and relations between the various manufacturers of cigars. You'll try you, at least the cable, broker, in one of the check the other articles.

To check taste were just cigars or producers referred to combination with or very good Mexican with Tequila or francouzkým cognac, that presented Roman Abgaryan. According to the information, the organizers should be the next cigar night, held after the holidays.

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