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CAO Brazilia Gol!

CAO Brazilia Gol!

The name of the cigar does not deny its national football and inspiration, that is, inter alia,. clear at first glance according to renderings of the ring, that contrasts with the dark cover sheet.   Scandinavian Tobacco Group, brand owner CAO makes these cigars in Danlí honduraském. Filling and binding list hondruaského cigar comes from Nicaragua (Estelí Department) maduro wrapper and dark chocolate color comes from Brazil.

Perfect shape robusto It has around its perimeter consistent content and smells like ripe tobacco, chocolate and coffee. Practically noticeable žilnatost greasy Brazilian Arapiraca leaf cover even improves the overall appearance of the 12, 7 cm long with a ring the size of a cigar 56. Thanks to its larger diameter, you must select the appropriate cutter or scissors.

After lighting a cigar, you feel the initial nahořklost in combination with the basic taste combination of dark chocolate and coffee. Nahořklost, however, the glow and replaces her mild caramel nasládlost. At the end of the basic flavor profile is added to the bitterness of black pepper.

Stroke is an excellent cigar all the time about 55 my. smoking. Uniformity of burning is no longer nearly as perfect and can become, you will have to carry at least one burning correction. Production of smoke is correspond to the size of a cigar, i.e.. in particular, its diameter and the quantity contained tobacco. Overall, the taste more interesting   such as. in comparison with   torpedem CAO Vision Prana. By contrast, in comparison with the CAO LX2 Toro, I prefer the other one. You and I both (CAO Brazilia Gol! (i) LX2) but will fans of richer flavours cigars.

It is amazing, It is today with the rozšiřujícíse range in the Czech Republic and no longer be able to get some cigars brands CAO, that we were able to buy in the past only abroad. Not that traditional brand CAO best characterize the efforts of innovation and experimentation in the field of creation of new blends of tobaccos. At the same time, these cigars are also packaging (This is true even for a series of Brazilia), that usually tells you at a glance. CAO Brazilia Gol! are packaged 20 PCs with the price per PCs around 150CZK per piece.

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