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Burn-back humidoru

Zahoření humidoru

Zahořením humidoru for setting its correct internal moisture levels. Humidor, more precisely,, its internal insert of cedar in the burn-back must absorb the necessary quantity of moisture. Technically you can say, It is necessary to expose the inner part of the humidoru 85% the level of relative humidity for 48 hours. With regard to this high level of moisture, the authentication is not recommended during the burn-back in the humidoru cigars. It should be for them a fatal result.

Burn-back procedure:

1. Calibrate your hygrometer. Without calibration vlhkoměru later failed to correctly determine the level of moisture.

2. Distilled water with buněčinou thoroughly wipe down all interior parts of the humidoru. Please make sure that, that was only wet and definitely avoid e.g.. spills some of the parts of the humidoru.

3. Insert a 48 hours in humidoru plastic container with distilled water.

3. After the expiry of the 48 hours, remove the plastic container and check the moisture level (required for the retention of the cigar is in the range of 68 – 75%). In the case of higher than the required moisture, you can repeat the opening and closing humidoru gradually to reduce humidity. Don't forget, however, the inertia of vlhkoměru.

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