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The moisture content and the production of cigars

Almost every, who ever lit a cigar, He knows, they are the cigars, dry and wet, hand-and machine-motané. On the Internet, however, there are a variety of myths about these fundamental facts. On our Web site, they are almost all of the reviews about the wet cigar bar, which are processed manually. On the Czech market, however, you can meet with other cigars, that are dry, possibly machine-motané.

Dry or moist cigars?

This parameter is directly specified already in production, both types have their advantages and specifics of, for which they are sought. The design of the wet cigar is ready for drying, because they are more tightened by binding a worksheet – vice versa dry cigars are for this reason, they are less. If the drying of wet cigar, You may still save dovlhčením in a timely. However, if the wet cigar dried too, cover sheet burst and subsequent zavlhčení his condition does not improve anything. Some connoisseurs of cigars have individual pieces to mature, However, it is always important to ensure that dry cigars were in dry and humid in the ideal humidity. If you choose to smoke cigars and invest in humidoru, It is always correct to maintain the ideal humidity, so to keep your cigars in perfect condition.

Manual vs. machine production

The fundamental difference between hand and machine-processed cigars is the, for the production of most machine motaných cigars are not used longfillery. Shorter leaves and tobacco processing machine-made cigars, causes worse burning properties. The cover sheets are worse quality, than is used in the case of cigars manufactured manually. For machine-made cigars is not the emphasis on high-quality processing, But first and foremost on the cost--cheap cigars produced for "mass" market. However, even machine-made cigars are divided into better and worse – if you would like a better machine-made cigar, You can recognize it as a closed head. A larger share of human labour, better quality and mature tobacco leaves are the reason, Why are handmade cigars, expensive. Hand-made cigars are sometimes marked totalmente a mano (only manually) or hecho a mano (manual production).

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