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Cigar shapes

Cigars, according to shape divided into two basic types. The first is the pajero – a classic cigar with an enclosed head, small radiusem, the body symmetrically equal to toe, that is the, This is a traditional and i currently have the most common form of a cigar. This type is easier to produce. Cigars, that do not have a regular shape, they are known under the name Figurado.

Figurado shapes require more experience of the cigar manufacturer, Sometimes it is possible to meet up with the opinion of the, that precisely because of the complexity of the processing may not be some pieces in 100% quality, Here, I believe, depends rather on the manufacturer and the specific series, Unable to assess at a flat rate. Figurada is subdivided into several other types, According to their shapes. More in the following list and the attached picture :

Torpedo – similar in shape as a parejo, but it is gradually rounded into a single point.

Belicoso -Cigar shape similar to torpedu, but with a smaller head end radiusem. Usually has a length of five inches and ring size 50.

The Pyramids – It has a wide heel and evenly narrows to a pointed head. Usually a cigar with a length of six inches with prtýnkem 40/52

Presidente / Diademas -Cigar, the size of the majority is more than eight inches. The shape is similar to the vernacularization activity into, but the head is topped with more radiusem.

Perfect -Cigar, that is narrow at both ends, expanding toward the Center. Some of the perfect tense can act as smaller Presidente, its size, however, they do not fit into this shape.

You can also meet up with two other cigar shapes, that are not very common.

Culebras -a roll of three long, narrow cigars tangled together. For us in the past known as “viržínko”.

Toscano – A typical Italian cigar, created at the beginning of 19. in the 19th century, when tobacco is of Kentucky crossed with Italian varieties. These cigars are very strong aroma, their heel and head are narrow and gradually extend toward the Center.

Figure shapes

Tvary doutníků

If you are interested in a graphical comparison of some real cigars, You can view our table sizes and shapes including images.

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