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Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee Toro

Dinner: This cigar was in smapleru 8 for 7 $. I didn't expect from him. More curiosity and at that price.
Availability in the Czech Republic: Does not sell,
The Size Of The: 6×50 (152×20 mm)
The cover sheet: Havano – Connecticut
The binding list: Dominican Republic
The Content Of The: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

The Smell Of
Pata: Milky sweetness and raisins
The Body Of The: Sweet tobacco

The Design Of The
Softer without defects. Double Cap. The seams tight and visible

The Appearance Of The
Dark brown wrapper with two larger veins

A stroke in front of lighting
Looser – just a little resistance

Taste immediately after ignition
Soft, mature, tobacco and stale taste, sweetness and lots of seasoning with pepper at reverb, which is shorter. The tastes of a medium-full.

1/3 cigar
15 my – Add a little milk chocolate and wood. Candy is a little more and reverberation is very dry – accompanied by is almost a necessity and pepper taste stays attached at the tip of the tongue. Burning uneven, but so far without any problems
20 my – the sweetness of a lot of plays in the foreground, mustiness away and otherwise unchanged
35 my – burning is not and I've got a correction

2/3 cigar
42 my – burning more and so was carried out adjustment. Oříškovost more, Spice is almost gone, and the echo of a little longer, tobacco, Woody and dry
60 my – lightly by half and the strength of the flavors went whit down which to me is a tiny little minus. It is definitely not a premium brand and price it suggests

3/3 cigar
70 my – the second was carried out adjustment of combustion. There may be a coffee and sladkoust back. Otherwise unchanged, and reverberation is a lot of dry. Properly water coming soon ...
75 my – coffee is more pronounced and ořechovitost disappeared.. The texture is creamy and reverberation is not so dry. Cigar a little softened, but so far everything is fine
85 my – Cigar was a soft, and it can't be any cuhtě so quit

Conclusion and evaluation
The entire box would probably not buy because of the too simple taste profile. Definitely not bad, But even a great. Golden mean when you simply want to smoke and too much about flavours.

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