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Victor Sinclair Connecticut Torpedo

Doutníky Victor Sinclair Connecticut Torpedo

Mark Victor Sinclair makes me synonymen a decent quality at very reasonable prices. Certainly it is not a ultra premium cigars, but for your money you get a lot of Bang. And Connecticut version should not be an exception. Cigars are sold in boxes of 30 with a price of around 2 dollars per piece. Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador is soft, color uniform with a single central vein. Sun Grown Binder leaf from the Dominican Republic is a mixture of long fillerů from the same country. The structure is fixed, symmetrical and without soft points. The seams are tight and visible. Torpedo It is a very precise ubaleno. Given the price I'm surprised design processing and a decent quality of the covering sheet.

Victor Sinclair Connecticut Torpedo

Dinner: $1,4
Availability in the Czech Republic: NO
Time in humidoru: 181 days
The Size Of The: 6,5×52(165.1×20.6mm)
The cover sheet: Connecticut – Ecuador
The binding list: Sun grown – Dominican Republic
The Content Of The: Dominican Republic

The Smell Of
Pata: A little sweetness and leaves
The Body Of The: The weaker the animal

The Design Of The
Total fixed no soft points. The seams tight and beautifully visible

The Appearance Of The
Very light brown and velvety soft cover sheet without the larger veins and with lots of texture on the surface and a small prasklinkou at the foot of

A stroke in front of lighting
Slightly tighter

Taste immediately after ignition
Soft, its sweetish tobacco and slightly Woody flavor with nuts, spices and dřevitostí in the longer reverb. The flavors are gentle to moderate full with good production of light smoke.

1/3 cigar
10 my – the stroke began to tighten, and I had to make one more trimming and the stroke is now perfect. The flavors were at the center of the fullness of the. Especially nuts, surprisingly, even the spices and dřevitost in reverberation, that is quite a significant
20 my – hazelnuts are roasted in and adds a little bit of coffee. In the reverberation is then place the spices appears zemitost. Reverberation is drier and not something to drink.

2/3 cigar
30 my – It was necessary once again to crop and nuts along with dřevistostí are once again greatly zintenzivněly. Tastes have changed since the last time, while, but so far as the early morning smoke decent choice. Combustion is equal, move almost without resistance and reverberation is not so dry
60 my – in the end third and tastes to be very consistent. Only coffee is oněco more.

3/3 cigar
80 my – the last part has brought only more hazelnuts and nothing different happened otherwise. smoke hot and discard.

Conclusion and evaluation
Pleasant and surprisingly good smoke, take into account the price. Although i miss the complexity of tastes a greater number of changes, but they have been without drsnoti and power. The only thing I had from time to time to devote was thrust, who had a tendency to tighten, but otherwise, it was very good. For cigars with connecticut an outer wrapper I like especially the krémopvou texture and creamy taste, that got me here to ůplné lack of satisfaction. However, for the price you cannot want everything. And Mark Victor Sinclair proves, He can do a decent cigars for a decent price. This Was Victor Sinclair Connecticut in torpedu.

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