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Vegas de Santiago Secretos del Maestro Churchill

Doutníky VdS Secretos del Maestro Churchill

One of the most popular brands in the Czech Republic, in particular, in the dýmkařské community, Costa Rica cigars are Vegas de Santiago. VdS has several series of, or a mixture of (blendů) with custom names. One of the main “the hauling” is Don Luis Secrestos del Maestro, and particularly its dimension of Churchill. About the cigar bar and the way I learned from ordering dýmkařského Forum, where you can find a large amount of useful information for beginning smokers of cigars and pipes.

Combination of Don Luis is named after the late Master Don Luis Santana Lamas, the company which entered the Vegas de Santiago with the great benefit of their life experience in the field of sowing, the cultivation of, drying and maturation of tobacco and the manufacture of cigars at a high level.

Cigar long 190mm with ring 48, It lies within the already mentioned the size of the Churchill. Before lighting a cigar is very good, Dark wrapper has a grassy aroma with notes of cedar and Spice. Only the shiny gold ring is frivolous impression, subtle rings, that this tag was used previously, I glossed over more.

The cover sheet is not very suave, lived and. Light easy and ash from the first moment he přijemnou ink, as well as the sufficient production of smoke. After a moment, ash starts with rozvírat, but around the perimeter of the split or fraying, In contrast to e.g.. from Reyes Family (where is the ash box, but he has problems with consistency in the circumference). It is possible to, that this anomaly was formed during transport, According to the information available, with other smokers problem. The length of the cigar is the ability to hold the ashes of a very good. After a period of smoking, I unfortunately didn't measure (an estimate of the 90 minutes), the burn is uniform and does not impair the ash after sloughing by now. The taste is initially zemitá with notes of nuts, After a period of smoking compact, towards the end of alternate gradually tones the nuts with pepper and spices.

Cigar's flavour with pleasant pachydermatous profile, whereas, his strength is medium to strong, I would definitely recommend him for a meal with. Given its price, moving around 3,8 dollar per piece (volume without a cedar box) I consider his next order. It is a very good thing for daily smoking. If I had to compare it with the price of similar Bella Torres(review next week), I would have voted for VDS "Secret master".

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