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Te-Amo World Selection Series Nicaragua robusto

Today I chose from the Te-Amo robusto with Nicaragua in the workshop of the World Series family Turrent-ovcov.
Dutnik me the classic robusto size 54×5. Filler comes from Nicaraguy, binder is a Mexican and all of this is wrapped in a Mexican Criollo wrapperu.
A cover letter to zvrásňuju 2 or 3 on the surface of the protruding veins. Brown color wrapperu is over the surface of the same shade, No výraznych differences. To the touch it is dutnik a little mäkkši. The CAP is sealed by a well and its cutoff nerobi problem.
The body does not have much strong scent, Perhaps a bit of dry grass. The footer is already a little closer, feel the tabák and hay.
When you drag over nezapáleny rozpoznávam again dutnik hay, Roasted barley, the perach remains výrazna korenitosť like I had in the mouth chili papričku.
Stroke zapálenim is OK.
Ignite is quick and easy. Potiahnutiami very pleasantly surprised me with the first taste of latte výrazna, that, however, after a bit of my disappointment wears off. Taste levels out the barley, can be a bit more friendly and Cedar, but not too much, and as dakde in the background. Unable to fully enjoy the. It is possible to, I did not recognize all of. After the smoke remains in the mouth sweet to spicy vyfúknuti výrazny reverb.
Before zapálenim I was afraid of burning problems, the way it was for robusta Dominicana.
My concern, however, did not meet, and right from the beginning of combustion is pretty regular.
The amount of smoke is satisfactory, as well as move.
After some 15 minutes of the piquancy of the mouth a little retreats. However, in the course of smoking comes back again. Ash is gray, slightly tinged stained with cracks, that narušaju his integrity. So it did not surprise me at all, When odpadol before I ever accustomed. After his odpadnuti for a while again, I felt her latte, but again very quickly, the príjemna taste of the vanished.
I'm off somewhere before the half and the taste remains without significant changes to dutnik,with korenistym dozvukom.
Downloading at prstienka kryci letter to produce, Apart from the Dominicany.
The beginning of the third I'm starting to feel in the mouth acidity, so it's time to quit. Out of curiosity, however, still a few times potiahnem. Dutnik is overheating, It will not crack, but it need not remain and acidity. After some 70 minutes of the odkladám.
The Conclusion Of The:
Nothing surprises me about this piece and you could say, In addition to good combustion or nepotešilo.
There are dutniky, I have a treadmill cravings, without any extra changes and still get in the end you say – great. Here, however, it is not.
As far as the power, I would call it dutnik as a medium, without some more gradations during blowjob.
If I would have had to put again the robusto, certainly it would have been to an activity, When I did so much to taste dutniku, but at the same time not worry about burning, Here it vporiadku.
In comparison Dominicana-Nicaragua, definitely WINS Nicaragua.
Dinner : approx. 3.50 €

(p).. If anyone has experience with this dutnikom, whether the same or different, I'll be happy if you give me to know.

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