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Te-Amo World Selection Series Robusto Dominicana

When I'm in miestej zbadall Te-Amo cigar newsagent Pack of three World Series in the size Selection robusto, I did not hesitate even a moment and now I have one box of kupil. The price was more than lákava – 9.75 €.
So the box of hard paper are three robusta, namely – Dominicana, Nicaragua and Honduras. So in one package you have 3 cigars, the filling is of various countries, What is a pretty fine.
Today, I therefore decided to make a Dominicanu, I already tried it once, but I do not remember how it once turned out.
Robusto has a size 54×5, that is my obľubená the size of the. Filler is ,as the name already says of the Dominikanskej Republic, binder Mexico and Connecticut shade wrapper. A cover letter has a pale brown color (shade Colorado Claro), across the surface without any farebých deviations. Two larger veins, of which other smaller branch, cause roughness dutinku. Seamed to itself nicely abut and are not at a glance. Only at one point in the title is a bit of a cover letter to zošuverený.
When stlačeni is dutnik a little bit softer.
Body dutinku smells after sene with a bit of sweetness.
Thrust after odstrihnutí čiapočky is a little heavier.
Ignite went without any problems. The first covering maju soft and at the same time the full flavor – feel the nuts and trávnatosť, on the tip of the tongue, in turn, spicy taste. If would remain such cravings I would be only satisfied.Production of smoke is a big, the smoke is thick.
The move will be unleashed and is now so just.
Surprised me very fast burning, Although dutnik certainly wasn't dried. In some places preháral kryci letter really quickly. Whether that construction is not completely free of errors vnútorna. So right from the beginning starts with irregular combustion and I just dufam, It stabilizes dajak.
After 20 minutes, however, I use a lighter núteny. Tastes remain basically unchanged, no longer just su such full and significantly as the beginning of. As regards the strength she has put on the table, and I would say that this is a medium, However, I have a feeling that will gradually increase.
Tastes are becoming increasingly less zaujimavými. Nuts feel increasingly less, I'm starting to feel the tabák
Ash has a timbre in African clawed, not much of a compact with the larger crevasses. Odpadol roughly half. Par minute nato as the ashes again because of poor combustion of odpadol I have to use a lighter, one party still burns a little rychlejsie. Mam feeling, that the tobacco leaves are on the one hand more tightened, tym falls one party Burns faster than the second.
It is time to purge ring. I tried to twist them gently, If allowed to glue. Ring, however, does not allow. I have to use more power, Finally, permits, but there has been a greater damage to the cover letter (nicely viediť it in the photo).
The end of the second third of the, the taste of nuts are completely faded. A tabákova and earthy taste. I also dutinku overheating, so I leave him a little rest. The power again about something narastla, But even still I would tipoval on the medium.
In the third period to offset the burning, a pity that basically only when it's too late.
The taste is absolutely for me already nezaujimavá – strong tabákova with virazným štípaním on the tongue.
Dutnik me what to offer and so already nema odkladám, I could probably do a little earlier.

Something on the conclusion.
So as I enjoyed this robusto, so me also disapointed.
Some pluses to me looking hard enough. Fit the size of me, the appearance is also OK, the strength of the medium for me, also good. At the beginning of Chuťe were príjemé, full.
All this, however, eclipsed the irregular and fast burning. That's how tastes have changed gradually also does not belong to what I would consider for this dutinku for plus. And making everything considerably more damage to the coating of the letter in an effort to remove the ring. I Know, that there is often a slight odlupnutiu of the letter together with the prstienkom, but this was, after all, just too many.
Mam a hundred chuťí to write, the Te-Amo World Selection Series Dominicana never more, but there is still a possibility, that was just my robusto was some sort of malfunction.
I'll see how obstoji robusto Nicaragua and Honduras. But it is already in the next review.

(p).. If anyone has experience with this dutnikom, whether the same or different, I'll be happy if you give me to know.

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