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Te-Amo World Selection Robusto Honduras

Finally I found the time to Te-Amo World Selection Robusto with a designation of Honduras.
At the beginning I would yet concise info, I forgot to kotré in predošlích recenziach.
Te-Amo brand was founded in 1964 in San Andres in Mexico, Thanks to the family of Turrent-ovcov.
Seria World Selection was first introduced in October after 2007.
Robust, again with the dimensions of the 54×5, He has Mexico Corojo wrapper chocolate color, a Mexican binder and filler from Honduras.
On the surface, dutniku is a pair of hair removal, that, however, are not quite so noticeable as with robusta Dominicana or Nicaragua. In the same way to me sounds like you over two predošlím at the touch of a tougher.
The body's feel with a delicate sweetness after the cédrovom wood, to me the smell of dry grass and tobacco footer.
Cutoff čiapočky is without any problems, equally fine seems to me even before the ignition stroke
After lighting the candle is gently spicy flavor with tones of wood cédroveho, slightly cítíť nuts and tabákovú hotness. Bitterness, however, is not at all thick or strong, can't say that I would somehow prevent.
Smoke production is weak for my taste, some, however, will improve after the first reason has ceased to ash, and even a little more when he gets around to burning the field prstienku. Ash odpadol after about 2 – 2, 5 cm, its color is grey, on the surface with cracks.
From the beginning it has dutnik to break the irregular combustion, It is, however, gradually adjusts itself and I didn't have to use a lighter, It was enough only pootáčanie dutniku.
The cravings are not significantly altered in the course of smoking, force is the dutnik in the area of medium. According to my expectations a little to stiffen up in the last third of.
How do I get to the third period of the flavours to the fore receives mainly tabák, earthiness and bitterness on the tongue is already becoming more pronounced with štípaním.
I Doubt, that I still have something to offer and so odkladám robusto Honduras after approximately 50-60 minutes of the (I forgot it accurately track).
The Conclusion Of The:
Again and again, Nothing surprise me nor nepotešilo with this dutniku. Tastes from the beginning yet as so vporiadku, gradually, however, disappearing and you could say, that is why no longer continue smoking.
Nevertheless, if I compare with robustami Dominicana, and Nicaragua, they were, together with Honduras-om in the Pack, so just the last appointed to me pozdával the most. Whether or not an external relative,processing or other properties.
Mexican dutniky and tabáky have their own specific tastes,but from the Te-Amo World Selection seria certainly does not represent the best of this country.
That I have somehow expressed to the whole Trinity at once, summed up, I would probably like this – not one of these dutnikov I nedofajčil, as they say, up to burn fingers. At the same time, however, I don't want to discourage anyone from trying, Maybe someone will like more than me.

(p).. If someone you try, I'll be glad if you share your opinion and experience

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