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TE-AMO Mini Figurado

Today I got a craving for something that takes a little less time to me. Vyťahujem is TE-AMO Figurado with a Mexican Mini maduro 112 x 50.
Tabákove the letters that make up the filler, binder and wrapper are from Mexico.
Wrapper is a dark hnedy with výraznymi and vystupujucími on the surface of the žilkami. The place where the kryci letter to see clearly and in a few places even to su to themselves the power to nepriliehajú. So the surface is very rough to the touch and hrbolatý.
Body coffee with a dash of honey dutniku smells of. I remember, however,, When I got into the hands of first time smell so figurado Nice has not been, It seems, therefore,,a one month in humidore helped.
Ignite is due to the shape of the chvíľkovou affair. Thrust is initially a bit harder t, However, with increasing diameter improves the dutniku.
It is the most distinctive taste of flavors of black pepper and coffee beans. From the very beginning up to the end of smoking it feel stinging on tip of tongue, but it is not anything terribly, at least the first two-thirds of the.
Ash is gray and quite compact, odpadol early to mid, What I did not expect.
In the third period uneven burning and so is a bit of a dopomáham-.
The taste is already, but too much spicy and so I tried to still the last few moves and after some 40 minutes of the odkladam.
So the conclusion:
Too Bad, the cover letter with a nice dark brown color is already not much to look at the eye of the lahodiaci.
The first half is in terms of taste and burning vporiadku, In contrast to the second half, and in particular the conclusion dutnika. However, it was not a serious problem with burning, I was expecting that it will be worse.
Certainly won't suit everyone's Mini figurado, especially not by what they like more varied tastes.
But it certainly is not dutnik, ktoremu should be avoided, personally, I have a problem to give you again if I have a craving for something smaller with no bežnym shape.
The price is 3.80 €. I Think, that would be in the order of prices below par cents.

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