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Leon Jimenes No. 5

Leon Jimenez No.5

When you visit the shops of cigars in Kutná Hora, I chose relatively well in the Czech Republic available cigar Leon Jimenes Well. 5.León Jimenes Cigars or manufactured in the Dominican Republic in fabrice La Aurora cigar Size check is replace the 0,125 mm in length with a ring size 38, overall, this smaller falls into the size of the cigar Petit Corona. Very positive review with subtle design not only ring, But even the box in which the cigars stored. check mark Logo is gold colored contains the lion and year 1903, the year when Leon Jimenes opened a factory producing cigars La Aurora. Leon Jimenes cigars under the brand name are manufactured from year to year 1987, for all of the cigars of this mark should tobacco, used for the cover sheets, mature for three years.

Leon Jimenes cigars at the Well. 5 the cover sheets are used tobacco from Connecticut, binding and filling sheets are the Dominican. Cover sheets have a tint of Natural. Before lighting the cigar has a sweet aroma, grassy. After a healthy crop piercerem and the first contacts in the mouth is similar to its tones Zino cigars (Serie Classic), just a grassy flavor and sweet tones reminiscent of raisins or dried fruit. The cover sheet is smooth, without living and surface defects, cigar is relatively easy, to'm impression, that it would be more tobacco, on the other hand is thrust before lighting a smooth and even when you are not empty .

Burning cigar is good, light it on fire without much rozpalování and quite evenly, without the necessity of galled during smoking. The only objective property, I assessed the worse, It is the consistency of the ash around the perimeter. Whereas, I didn't smoke in the show floor, but on zahráce, He carried most of the departing particles and so I wind this light so much to mind the Neruda. The first defection of ash was about three cm, Subsequently, shivery seat faster.

Smoking a cigar, it took a little over half an hour, the taste was more or less constant, only in the second half was be complemented by notes of nut and lightly spiced. Dinner 120 CZK It is reasonable, the design was a very good cigar, Unfortunately, I did not sit so much tasty profile, which is completely subjective evaluation. This medium-strong cigar, next time I'd probably chose after the meal, ideal for beer.

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  • petr.feda.sladek He wrote:

    Tenhle doutník byl pro mě docela zklamání až na perfektní hoření a dobrou produkci kouře.Řekl bych dle mého názoru,že to je vyloženě nudný doutník.Zkusil jsem ještě doutník León Jimenés 300 Series Belicoso a ten mi bohužel taky moc neseděl.Zaznamenal jsem dokonce i divnou pachuť v ústech trvající asi 2 hodiny po kouření.A navíc ještě stojí 190-,Kč.Za mě musím říct,že firmu León Jimenez zatím opouštím…

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