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Cusano LXI Habano Sun Grown Double Corona

Dinner: nothing – Cigar was part of the kořeného housing
Availability in the Czech Republic: NO
Time in humidoru: 110
The Size Of The: 6,5×46 (165×18.2mm)
The cover sheet: Habano – Using the seeds from Ecuador, The Dominican Republic and grew up in this whole Habana seeds unique binding list
The binding list: Ligero – Dominican Republic
The Content Of The: Ligero – Dominican Republic

The Smell Of
Pata: Nice tobacco with a bit of spice
The Body Of The: A little bit of the stables and tobacco

The Design Of The
Total fixed no soft points. Double Cap. The seams are visible, and some places not completely tight

The Appearance Of The
Velvet,Dark Brown and slightly bumpy cover sheet with lots of smaller veins

A stroke in front of lighting
Very free – almost without resistance

Taste immediately after ignition
At first, soft, a lot of mature (to stale) tobacco flavor with a little bit of sweetness, and then an incredible blast of spices. Resonance is very long and the floor dry, lae lightly oil on the tongue. Lots of thick white smoke. Tastes almost full

1/3 cigar
10 my – spices are a tiny bit of reverb and weathers had grown milder joined wood. initial tastes without changing the, but they have great depth, that, in effect, creates a unique taste. Smoke a lot of dense and nicely covers the language
20 my – the sweetness of a little more and getting a lot of spices;, but not not sharp. Just a lot of. Quite slow burning on small diameter. The taste of really unique.
30 my – Spice was a little down and more tobacco in reverberation
40 my – dřevitost in reverberation pronounced and very pleasant, because it interferes with the dominance of spices

2/3 cigar
60 my – I'm in the middle and from the latter without changing the. Cigar does not already so dry dojmen as at the beginning of.
75 my – Cigar revealed his dark side force and the behěm two strokes--and the intensity of the, nice beat me and I'm not able to just have a smoke cigar and I have to postpone. Crazy swingers

3/3 cigar
Here only for the sure-footed without the instinct of self-preservation.

Conclusion and evaluation
This is very difficult to evaluate me, because in the 75 min it was cigar, I've had so far, and indeed after 75 the minute I'm not. The sudden rise and brutal forces me during 2 moves into the Chair zapěchoval literally and I started to sweat like a pig. Sorry for the expression, but another currently I do not have. In addition, I ditched him he felt in the head, the stomach and the legs and it wasn't on an empty stomach. A great shame. In the meantime, I'm very much. Great design, stroke and burning, and almost full of the flavours of the.

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