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Ava XO Intermezzo Natural

Avo XO Intermezzo Natural

Ring with three letters of interwoven logo adorns the Dominican cigar brand famous and passionate jazz musician klavírového Ava Uveziana. Another of his passions become cigars and his original idea, keep produce high-quality cigars for your restaurant, later changed in the successful establishment of the brand AVA.

This 14-centimetrový cigar, which was included in gift packaging Robusto Assortment, It has a wonderful surface treatment and fine aroma. Many of the XO is generally characterized by high quality and careful selection of tobaccos and their long maturation. It is also distingovaná wood medium-strong taste this cigar. It also produces rich creamy smoke and is decorated with it ashes světlešedivý. Its price is approximately 240Kč.




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