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5 Vegas Triple – A.

5 Vegas is a very famous manufacturer of cigars, that is zaměřujě to providing a quality experience for a reasonable price and it could even be for nějnovějšího growth, so it w constructed families, 5 Vegas and Triple-a and. The first thing, that will catch your attention is the precise execution of a cigar, and even including a ring at the base of, Boasting three and. After grasping the cigar gets attention nor his weight, that is when robusto the size of the cigar is pretty significant and stuffed with tobacco. Removing the first ring and cropping takes place without problems and if the visual experience aligns with the gustatory, then to perfection will not be missed by many.

Dinner: $3
Availability in the Czech Republic: NO
Time in humidoru: 214 days
The Size Of The: 5×56 (127×22,2mm)
The cover sheet: 3x fermented Broadleaf maduro Pennsylvania
The binding list: Nicaragua
The Content Of The: Nicaragua (Jalapa, Condega, Esteli)

The Smell Of
Pata: Milk chocolate, spices and a little tobacco
The Body Of The: Very weak animal aroma

The Design Of The
Skálopevná and absolutely free from defects. Double Cap. tight seams and visible

The Appearance Of The
Beautiful looking, almost black and the oil is packed with cover sheet with two smaller veins

A stroke in front of lighting
Perfect – only weak resistance

Taste immediately after ignition
Very fine, sweet, tobacco and chocolate flavor is substituted by a dřevitostí with a decent dose of spices in the longer reverb. The flavors are rich and almost full. Hutnějšího production of smoke is a great

1/3 cigar
15 my – sweets is slightly less and tobacco with the dřevitosití are more pronounced, and it adds a little creamy taste and delicate coffee. From the spices slightly numb tongue
35 my – just at the end of the first third of the odpoadává bright the ashes in a compact piece. At that moment the coffee zhutněla and gain deeper character. Indeed, great taste. The other remained unchanged. The richness and fullness of taste, that caressing tongue without strength and surface roughness, you really enjoy

2/3 cigar
55 my – roughly in the middle of the cream disappears and the coffee is once again a little more prominent and squeezes the chocolate. At the same time appear in the reverberation of the cocoa and nuts, which partially replaced the spice. Cigar leaves a thin oil film on the tongue.

3/3 cigar
70 my – tastes have changed since the last time, while, but in this moment are full and there is even a little bit of strength just to know. Because neither is well below strength taste, It is not that a bit of force to damage.
85 my – the last third of the bypass without changes. Hot smoke and quitting

Conclusion and evaluation

They even taste very good cigar, for which I spent 85 great minutes. On 5 Vegas unprecedented full flavour, but after the findings of fact, it comes from tabacalery AJ Fernandez I was not so surprised. Ash light grey colors compactly held and retreated a total of twice. For beginners, I certainly wouldn't recommend this cigar, but only because of the strength and great fullness of taste. For those of you, that would conform to the cutě as described above, by contrast, highly recommended. I dare číct, the best of the entire series. This Was 5 Vegas Triple – A..

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