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Cigars - Photos

Mexico, the cultivation of, zpracování tabáku a výroba doutníků

Velká fotogalerie z Mexika, kde měl Jirka Vlasák příležitost se seznámit s procesem pěstování, zpracování tabáku, ale také výroby doutníku. Za jeho fotky mu děkujeme…
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Video: Corona Cigar Company & Avo Lounge – Heathrow

Video illustrates cigar shop and lounge Corona Cigar Company & Avo Lounge – Heathrow what a big walk-in humidor with self-service operation. An extensive range of…
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Cigar night at the lounge Paukert

Two weeks ago, day 23.2.2012 an evening cigar company Cigar Point. Because of similar events in the Czech Republic many is not, and the price for this interesting social…
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Humidor Angelo

This humidor with a capacity of approximately 40-50 cigars, He was my first humidorem, in the beginning, as a sufficient capacity and quality.   Humidor is supplied with houbičkovým…
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25 the best cigars of the year 2011

Similarly,, like every year, this shall be without one, smokers of cigars, the expected events. She's headline event was nothing less, before the publication of the best…
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