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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Epicure

Dinner: 2,2 the dollar – part of the sampler
Availability in the Czech Republic: Yes – not in this size, but the robusto and torpedo commonly. The price of one piece in the robusto size is approx. 200 and less than 4300 $ 30 per box 25. In torpedu are more expensive on the 700 – 1000 per box
Time in humidoru: 60 days
The Size Of The: 6×54
The cover sheet: Champagne – Connecticut shade
The binding list: Nicaragua
The Content Of The: Nicaragua

The Smell Of
Pata: A little bit of milk chocolate, Hay and spices
The Body Of The: Basically bland – typical of these cover sheets

The Design Of The
Skálopevná and free of defects. Double Cap. tight seams and visible

The Appearance Of The
A light wrapper without larger veins with light damage at the base and Cap

A stroke in front of lighting
A little bit closer

Taste immediately after ignition
All mellow, very mellow, a lot of wood with lots of spices in a long reverberation. Tastes are on the weaker Wednesday, and smoke is spouta. The lighting was quite difficult and therefore very long.

1/3 cigar
After a couple of moves, adds tobacco and Walnut flavor.
10 my – the sweetness of accent and he moved to the reverberation. Spices are on enough weathers had grown milder. Up until now, were the flavors of such faint, but after this slight change is much better. Burning slightly uneven, but he has a desire to be equal to the. When you blow smoke through the nose of spice enough stings and other tastes are unchanged.
20 my – nuts are the form of cashew nuts and the sweetness of slowly picks up the syrupovitý to caramel character. Nuts, the dsotávají and the reverberation and here it looks like the walnuts. Other flavours of the unchanged and reverberation is slightly dry.
35 my – After the release of ash is tobacco and spices slightly more pronounced and add the white pepper

2/3 cigar
50 my – Cashew shall revert to the General oříškovitost and otherwise unchanged. The flavors are somewhere between the surface roughness and the subtleties of.
65 my – I'm in the middle and flavor profile are stable and do not expect more changes.
So this hurts. After removing the ring is off a piece of the covering sheet. It would be for premium brands and in 21. century becoming just should not. A few minutes later nuts disappear and are replaced with a creamy coffee. Spices in reverberation lightly zdrsnělo

3/3 cigar
90 my – coffee is more pronounced and the sweetness went down. The cover sheet in the site of the damage on the bursts as you can see from the photos
100 – the flavours of fine zhořkly and otherwise unchanged
After a few minutes the bitterness of more pronounced and cigar discard

Conclusion and evaluation
Namely, nothing special, but otherwise relaxed and long blowjob to zrelaxování. If it wasn't for bad work with glue, the overall impression could be even better. Cravings without power with light roughness. For my tastes could be a little stronger, But even so, bly pretty good. Here I think, in the smaller diameter it would work even better. It was Perdomo Champagne 10th anniversary in the epicure. Well, and the next review will be already the sixties and I prepared again for something better.

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