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Graycliff G2 Pirate

Dinner: 2 dollars
Availability in the Czech Republic: NO
Time in humidoru: 136 days
The Size Of The: 6×52 torpedo (152,4×20,6mm)
The cover sheet: Connecticut – Ecuador
The binding list: Nicaragua
The Content Of The: Nicaragua, Kosta Rika and the Philippines

The Smell Of
Pata: Hay and spices
The Body Of The: very weak and hardly identifiable aroma

The Design Of The
Fixed and free of defects. The seams tight and visible. Pretty ubaleno

The Appearance Of The
Light cover sheet with two vetšími veins. The seams tight and visible. Pretty ubaleno. The only flaw is a small discoloration at the tip of which as a result will not play any role

A stroke in front of lighting
Perfect – only a small resistance

Taste immediately after ignition
Slightly bitter tobacco taste sweeter and wood, dřevitým and spicy long reverberation unit. Production of smoke is a huge.

1/3 cigar
10 my – nahořklost is expected to be gone. Texture, taste is almost cream. Basic tastes have changed. Just drier. The reverb is added the cream and seasoning is more(not the intensity but the quantity), that after a while changes to cinnamon and nutmeg.

20 my – tastes of reverberation and the beginning of the stroke completely reverse themselves order in addition to the spice and reverberation added nuts. The cream is more. So far, the great. In a single stroke is a lot and for a long time.

2/3 cigar
30 my – Burning a total of fast, but it tastes simply delicious. Cinnamon is gone, and the tobacco is almost too. Wood, the spices and the sweetness is a great and unique combination of flavors.
After a few minutes and odpoadnutí ash, that kept the entire half of the returns is weak nahořklost to dřevitosti and at the very end there was a creamy coffee. After another few minutes of nahořklost disappears and the sweetness is more pronounced

3/3 cigar
50 my – at the beginning of the last third of the coffee and spices more pronounced. The sweetness went down a bit.The structure and thrust still perfect
60 my – coffee rises to the fore and the smoke begins to slowly teplat so I'm off in a few minutes

Conclusion and evaluation
Great cigar literally packed with flavours. The ideal choice for a morning smoke. Given the size of the resulting time could be longer, but those cravings and this lack of balance in full. G2 is a variety of Graycliff with pricing the most and more will be pleased as well is a blend of tobaccos blended. Graycliff G2 Pirate that was.

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