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Benchmade Cigars

Benchmade cigars are the result of collaboration between Don Pepin Garcia and Ashton, as well as nekubánský San Cristobal. The name of Don Pepin Garcia is a legend in the Dominican Republic or between míchači doutníkových mixtures, Although it originates from Cuba or. The undersigned is under a lot of tags and a mixture of doutníkových and Benchmade quality below this level does not reduce the, Another important feature of these cigars is their strength, they are not appropriate on an empty stomach or for beginners. Thanks to this, that this is a relatively new brand, Benchmade cigars are, unfortunately, they can't chubit a long history, as with other brands, "with the story". In the US or for the price very good cigars available, their price ranges around four dollars.

Benchmade cigars are produced in four traditional sizes Churchill, Crown, Robusto, Toro. For the manufacture of the cigars that are used the cover sheets of dark tobacco nikaragujského, they have the same origin as the filling and binding sheets. Cigars are medium-full, as Ashton. Packaging of cigars is Benchamde after 25 in the check manually produced wooden boxes. Benchmade cigars are skloubením of ancient experience and modern trends, typical for cigar brands Ashton and Don Pepin Garcia.

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